About Us

After the year 2000, E-magazines have elevated Tamil literature to the next level from print publications, thanks to the internet. Many young generation authors are publishing their creations through this opportunity.

Kurugu (Bittern) is a weightless bird referenced in Tamil Sangam literature. This shy and elusive bird, found near water bodies, has been used as a metaphor or allegory in Tamil literature to express subtle poetic moments. This new initiative, unique among Tamil online publications, is named with the aspiration to be a magazine that can resonate with readers’ sensibilities and yet be light reading.

Kurugu magazine’s theme encompasses the realms of art, history, and philosophy. As a magazine, its primary objective is to continuously discuss and document non-fiction domains. The editorial board of this magazine comprises three youthful modern literature enthusiasts. Kurugu offers insights into the quests of an impartial reader in art, philosophy, and history.

Kurugu, in its year-long continuous publication, regularly presents interviews with personalities spanning diverse fields. It publishes series on science and art. Its content includes articles on religious art and philosophy from Buddhism, Jainism, Vaishnavism, Christianity, and more. Each issue features translations from a variety of languages, and important old articles are republished as soft copies. In-depth essays exploring Southern classical and folk art forms are also published.

Kurugu has never confined itself within narrow boundaries. In addition to the editorial board, 20 volunteers contribute to this magazine. Great authors in modern Tamil literature have written for this magazine. Kurugu is poised to ascend towards the possibility of becoming a world-class platform for non-fiction in the future.



A staunch Vaitika (one who conforms to the Vedas) with formal education in Krishna Yajur Veda, he is a Tamil writer whose short stories and essays are published. He considers Ashokamitran and Jeyamohan as his gurus and resides in Chennai.


As a translator, he has done impressive work translating literature on philosophy and art from English. His work, the Tamil translation of Ananda Kumaraswamy’s essays, has been released as a book by Azhisi Publications - ‘Aims of Indian Art’. His quest for knowledge in philosophy, art, and modern literature is insatiable. He considers Jeyamohan as his mentor and presently resides in Avinashi.


A history aficionado, passionate about Tamil classical literature and folklore, he is writing research articles. He considers Ki.Ra., Nanjil Nadan, Jeyamohan, and A.K.Perumal as his pioneers in writing. A native of Dindigul, he currently resides in Puducherry.